Paulding Family Connection History


  • In 1991 a small group of agency directors came together to address the needs of families and children in Paulding County. This group was organized as a private non profit body dedicated to building a community in which systems are aligned to support families and to help every child reach his or her full potential. This was the beginning of The Paulding Collaborative.
  • In 1994 The Paulding Collaborative joined the second wave of counties to be added to the Georgia Family Connection network. (To read more about this unique statewide initiative, click on Ga Family Connection History.)
  • In 2008 it was determined by members of the Paulding community and the Georgia Family Connection Partnership that “in order to be more aligned with the purpose and direction of the statewide Family Connection initiative” a reorganization was necessary.
  • In 2009 a new “meet and confer” group was formed and the Paulding Family Connection Children’s Cabinet was born.
  • In order to be more inclusive to adults, families and children aging out of the school system, the FY16 board of directors votes to change the name from Paulding Family Connection Children’s Cabinet to Paulding Family Connection.

Our by-laws state:

The purpose of the collaborative entity the PAULDING FAMILY CONNECTION is to:

  • Create a local governance partnership responsible for the decision-making process whereby the community takes responsibility for improving results for children, families, and communities.  Decision-making involves participation in processes that lead to a decision.
  • Collaborative members work collectively as a group to review the state of children and families in Paulding County and, based on data, identify the most critical issues for children and families that need to be addressed within the county, and develop strategic and annual plans that bring together the group’s resources to address those needs in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

The PFC membership shall consist of:

  • Representatives from government agencies, business entities including not-for-profits and for-profits, and institutions, including the faith community, who are providing services to children and families in Paulding County.
  • Consumers of services as well as representatives of families.
  • Individuals not providing services, but who have interest in planning to address the needs of children and families, may also be members.

All shall sign a collaborative contract to affirm their interest in partnering in the collaborative.


You Are Invited: 

We welcome and encourage all members of the community to attend our monthly meetings. Please join us and consider becoming an active member and discover the many opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in your community!

WHEN: Second Thursday of every month except July (no July Meeting)

WHERE: Paulding County School District Office, 3236 Atlanta Hwy., Dallas, GA 30132

TIME:      9:30am – 11:00am  

Together we will build a strong, safe and stable community for all children and families in Paulding County.